Monday, February 13, 2006

The town I never visit is being ruined

Here's another example of my idiocy. A town I never visit, McMinnville, Oregon - is being "ruined" by people moving there and building new houses. Even though I never go there, I want - NAY, DEMAND - people I don't know to live in houses they don't like. If they attempt to build a new house, or a larger house, or EVEN REMODEL ONE FUCKING ROOM - well, it offends my sensibilities. Because Oregon should stay EXACTLY THE SAME WAY IT WAS when I moved here in1975.

People want more space in their houses? Fuck you. People want to maybe remodel a ranch house built in the 1950s? Fuck you. People want to live in a small town and commute to Portland? FUCK YOU. Do you get my message? McMinnville should stay the exclusive residence of those people who were lucky enough to be there in 1975 when I moved to Oregon. If you want to retire, commute, build a bigger house or remodel your old one - FUCK YOU.

And fuck you for reading this too. If you're reading from McMinnville, and are a retiree or a commuter - that's a extra big fuck you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to complaining about other things in my life that don't go exactly like I want them too. Waaaaa.


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