Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Play me that old timey music

It's only 71 degrees today in Portland! And cloudy! Waaaa! They call this summer? It's certainly not gelato weather, I'll tell you that!

So, anyway, I like me the old timey music. Did I mention that? As a baby boomer, I have no use for any music made after 1979. Nirvana? More like Schmir-vana! The Pixies? More like the Stinx-ies! Ha! See how you young hipsters like that! I'm going to blast my Supremes records on my 78 player until your lattes foam over!

Since as a tax law professor at a major NW university, I have to put up with a lot of b.s. to live amongst the cretins who serve my coffee and bake my bread. For example, all those other jerks elect people like Sam Adams and Erik Sten. I don't like those guys. Noooooo sir. Erik Sten probably hasn't even heard of the Supremes. Maybe he should ride his bike to my house so he can hear "Baby Love" blasting from my reel-to-reel tape player! I bought it in '65! Take that, digital loving jerks!

Seriously, if you moved to Portland after I did in the mid-70s, may you die instantly. Just die. What was my point again?


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